Kawarma – قاورما


Autumn is here. In Lebanon, especially in the villages, this season is the season of “Mooneh” making. Mooneh can be somehow translated to “pantry”. Back in the days, when there was no food shipping, no fridges, no indoor planting, people had to make food supplies for the rest of the year.

One of the most Famous Mooneh is the Kawarma (Kavurma in Turkish meaning cooked meat). The meat is sliced, completely cooked in its own fat and sealed in jars. This method guarantees to keep the meet in good condition all year round.



The most famous meals using the Kawarma are Fried eggs and Kushk- another Mooneh meal made from combining Labneh and Wheat-

These two delicacies, despite being very cheap and known as the poor’s dishes, are seriously worth eating, especially when it’s cold up in the mountains when all the family is gathered around that sizzling pan waiting just to dig in with their piece of bread. and the best moment? Burning your tongue, waving your hands and feeling the heat spread through your whole body, forgetting the cold cold weather.




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