Saj Mankoushé – منقوشة عالصاج


Makoushé in ChebaniehToday’s post is dedicated to my country’s famous and favorite food of all time probably. The Mankoushé. A round flat pizza like bread flavored with thyme, cheese, Keshk, labneh, or even endless possibilities.

First things first, a little etymology lesson. Mankoushé is literally translated to patterned. It is called so because while forming the dough, it is patterned with the tips of the fingers so that the flavoring spreads all over the dough and deep into it.

Traditionally it is baked on a large heated dome shaped iron called Saj. In my hometown, Jenevieve, or as we call her “Jeff” and her husband make the best mankoushé with whole wheat dough that she kneads every day.

Mankoushé is a food that you can savor all day everyday. As a traditional breakfast, maybe  a snack, or as we eat it, for dinner. Gathering the family, making an order of all flavors, cutting them into bite size pieces with sliced vegetables on the side. Because, you can’t miss out on any flavor, and of course, because sharing is caring 😀


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